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Fall Charcuterie Board

  • Author: Agnieszka
  • Prep Time: 60 minutes
  • Total Time: 1 hour
  • Yield: 1 charcuterie board


This Fall Charcuterie Board is the only appetizer you need at any family gathering or holiday in autumn months. Filled with a mix of healthy ingredients, decadent treats and seasonal products from Trader Joe’s, it is perfect for Halloween, Thanksgiving or a casual fall dinner party.


Unexpected Cheddar Cheese
Creamy Toscana Cheese
Pumpkin Spice Goat Cheese


red grapes
dried apricots
dried mission figs

Olive & Herb Mixed Nuts

Preserves & Condiments
Fig Butter
Kalamata olives

Crackers and Bread
Pumpkin & Cranberry Crisps
Multigrain Wheat Thins
Olive Oil Bread Sticks

Harvest Collection Belgian Chocolates by Chocolatissimo

Mini pumpkin (for decoration)


  1. Wash and dry all fresh fruit on paper towels.
  2. Lay a large round board with 2 sheets of parchment paper.
  3. Place gherkins, olives, fig butter, nuts and goat cheese in ramekins or small bowls. Put the bread sticks in a mason jar.
  4. Arrange the ramekins, bowls and jars around the board. If you are using a mini pumpkin, add it to the board now.
  5. Cut up cheddar cheese and start cutting Creamy Toscana cheese leaving most of it in a hunk (or cut it all up if you prefer). Arrange the cheese on the board.
  6. Fold and fan the salami, sopressata and prosciutto and add to the board.
  7. Place all the berries and grapes around the cheese and meat. Add dried apricots and mission figs.
  8. Fill the gaps with crackers and finish the board off with chocolates.
  9. Add mini spoons, forks and cheese knives, as needed.



Place gherkins vertically in a ramekin. It will hold a lot of them and it looks really pretty.

Instead of fig butter you can use raspberry preserve or red pepper jelly.

Use any fruit or nuts you like. Blackberries, plums, dried cranberries, dates, cut up pineapple and apple slices are great fruit choices. Similarly, any nut mix will work.

If your board is not very large, consider serving crackers in a separate dish to save space.

  • Category: appetizer, dinner
  • Cuisine: American

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